USYD Business School

  • Project Role:Collaboration with John Holland
  • Project Type:Traffic Control
  • Project Value (AUD):$180 m

As the needs of students change with time, universities and facilities should also begin to change and evolve. In light of this University of Sydney has constructed a Business School building to incorporate 21st century learning. To facilitate growth in collaboration and social learning, the architecture features a centrally – located social spine.

The open layout design lead by this spine fosters collaboration and increase visual accessibility. In this open environment, the space is segmented into different section and seating areas through furniture. This segmentation with furniture allows for this vast open space to feel private and personal

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Bathers Way

Walking and cycling track bring the beach closer to the people. Rejuvenating the south coast of Newcastle, The Bathers Bay aims on increasing attraction via kiosks throughout the walk whilst the path surrounds the new skatepark. Increase the accessibility to the Newcastle beaches, the 4 to metre wide shared path will allow for all ages and abilities to use and enjoy the views.

Westmead Hospital

The new Central Acute Services Building (CASB), which is the centrepiece of the Westmead Redevelopment, is the first hospital in NSW to provide comprehensive health services for children and adults. It will be a joint facility with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Western Sydney Local Health District, and the University of Sydney when it opens in early 2021, providing high-quality healthcare.

Scallabrini Village

The intent of this project was to interlace and weave the old and new in a seamless fashion, as the new expansion of the facilities heavily juxtaposes with the existing structures. This transition between the old chapel and the new tall white buildings also allowed for room for a custom – built tailored approach.